About Us

Hello and welcome!

If you're viewing this page, chances are you want to know who we are and what our store stands for.   Below you'll see a picture of our direct team.

Our Message...

Here at Trend Viking our primary focus is providing an outlet for the highest rated and most popular products.  These products range from electronics and random gadgets all the way to convenience items and more.   In our catalog, you'll ONLY find products that have been thoroughly vetted and proven their worth through the test of time (and customer feedback too of course).

We find our products by keeping regular watch over what products are popular, trending, useful, and the best rated in their market.  All of our products come directly from manufacturer's rather than retailers or middle men, and because of this we're able to pass on our massive savings to you as the customer.

As we also run a wholesaling business, this is a break off for the main business, and we're already set up to give you the best possible deal by offering individual products (and bulk if you need it).

Why Choose Us?

When you place an order with us, it's not just a robotic process where your order is tossed around and sent out to you without any human interaction.  Our customers ALWAYS come first to us.  If a product breaks or you've changed for mind - we will reimburse you for your purchase.  If you're unhappy for any reason at all, we'll bend over backwards to make things right once again.

Customers Always Come First

Our promise to the customer is that they always come first (and they rightfully should).  You're getting high quality products with a complete 100% money-back guarantee.  You'll receive updated tracking on your order as soon as it hits our inbox.  You'll know exactly where your product is every single step of the way.

Orders Are Safe & Secure

If that's not enough, ordering from us is 100% safe and secure.  We take security and privacy very seriously, so when you make your purchase, your information is securely transmitted and all personal details are encrypted on our servers.  This means that nobody can ever breach your information and your information remains locked up safe for any purchase you make.

The Lowest Prices Available

Beyond that, as mentioned earlier, we source our products directly from the manufacturer after we find the most popular and best rated products.  We order these products in massive quantity so we get the absolute best price.  From there, we pass that reduced price and savings on to you so you can benefit.

Free Shipping On Every Product

Free shipping is an ALWAYS type of thing when you order from us, so you don't have to worry about any hidden costs or additional fees beyond what your product actually costs.

Want To Talk To Someone Before You Order?

We understand that sometimes you just want to get some specific answers or some peace of mind before you make a purchase online.  That's exactly why we encourage you to reach out and talk to us so we can address any questions or concerns that you may have.

Head over here to submit your message via our contact form.

Or, you can simply just send us an email directly at

We PROMISE to reply back to you within 24 business hours, but usually much much quicker, as we know how quickly the stock can run out for any of our products.

So, just give us a shout and let us know what you have on your mind!