Ah, yes, we come to the holy grail of all shopping pages, or is it?  Anyway, you have questions and we have the answers you're looking for.  Scroll through the questions below and to see our most frequently asked questions.  If your question isn't answered, head over here to ask us directly.

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Question: Where Is My Product?

Chances are, your product is already on it's way and the system is just a little bit delayed.  After you place your order, we enter what's called the "processing time" which is where your order is received by our warehouse and it's prepared to get shipped out to you.  This generally takes 24-48 business hours but sometimes can take slightly longer.

After your order is processed, you should receive an email with the order update status as well as a tracking number too.  This tracking number will update as your order makes it's way towards it's destination (your address).  Sometimes it can take an extra day or two for things to update, but rest assured that your order status WILL update.

Since we generally always have sales on our store, and there's often times a large volume of orders, it can occasionally take up to 2-4 weeks in total for your product to arrive at your location.

Question: Where Is My Tracking Number?

After you place your order, and your product goes through the processing stage, it will ship out and you will receive an update email.  This email will contain your tracking number and any other details that you need to know about your order and the status of shipping.

Occasionally, the order status update email with the tracking information can get flagged and caught in spam folders or trash folders.  So, before reaching out to us or worrying at all, make sure that you check those folders to see if you've already heard from us.

If you haven't received an email with your tracking number yet, it may just mean that your order is still being processed.  This can sometimes take an extra day or two depending on order volume, weather conditions, and several other factors.

Rest assured, your order status WILL update and you WILL receive an email with your tracking number sooner rather than later.  We haven't forgotten about you!

Question: How Long Does Delivery Take?

The delivery time for each product generally varies.  On the individual product page, there is always a time-frame for delivery for the product.  Make sure to check the product that you ordered to see the average delivery time.  The delivery time windows can range wildly depending on a number of circumstances such as order volume, time of day, week, or year, location, stock on hand, and so many other factors.

To answer the question, on average, the order can take between 10 and 20 days to arrive at the destination location.  So it's important to be patient along the way.  We ALWAYS take care of our customers and should anything happen to your product on it's journey to you, we will be here for you to remedy whatever that may be.

Question: I Only Received 1 Product When I Ordered 2?

This is a very rare occurrence but it definitely does happen every now and then.  If you happen to receive your order and you ordered more than 1 of a product but didn't receive the correct amount, then please please please reach out to us via our support email or the contact us page and we will make this right for you immediately.

Please, do not worry!  Just reach out to us and we will send out the right number of your product and order immediately.  Contacting us via email or our contact form versus opening a dispute with your payment processor will allow us to remedy the situation much quicker.

Question: Can I Contact Someone Before Ordering?

Of course!  We know that sometimes it's important to have your questions or concerns answered personally by an actual human being.  That's exactly why we encourage you to reach out to us via email (shown at the top of this page) or via our contact us form.  Ask us any questions or voice your concerns with us.  We'd love to hear from you!

Question: Do You Offer Bulk Discounts?

At this exact moment, we do not offer bulk discounts right now, but that is going to change in the very near future as we scale the business up.  Expect to see us offer crazy huge bulk discounts within the next 2-3 months, maximum.

Question: Do You Ship Internationally?

We absolutely do ship worldwide, anywhere in the world, and the best part is that it's always 100% FREE shipping.  So, yes, we ship everywhere, no matter where you're located.